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A Meets

"A" Meets are the regular MCSL competitions held on Saturday mornings against other teams in our division. Score is kept and the results of these meets “count” toward our league standings. Each team can put 6 swimmers in all freestyle events and 3 swimmers in events for all other strokes. The coaches decide the lineup for the meet based upon swimmer’s times and it must be submitted to the opposing team prior to the meet. 

  • Entry Rules
    • A team may enter a swimmer in a maximum of five events (3 individual, IM, and 1 relay).
    • Typically, the 3 fastest swimmers in each stroke (6 swimmers for Freestyle) will be entered in the meet. The coach will use his/her discretion to put together the best line-up to win the meet.
  • These are each scored dual-meets with one other team in the division.
  • Swimmers should remain in the team area during the meet.
  • It is important to declare your swimmer (available or not available) for each meet. The coach makes line-ups based on declared, available swimmers.
  • Please see the MCSL handbook for all dual meet rules.
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B Meets

"B" Meets are a swimming “scrimmage” held on Wednesday evenings (usually 6PM start) against teams that may or may not be in our division. We have chosen pools in close proximity to Olney Mill for parent convenience. Swimmers swim for competitive practice and to improve their times. B meets are all about fun and they're open to almost everyone. Pre-Team swimmers who become meet-ready after the first few weeks of practice are welcome to swim in B meets. Coaches will let pre-team kids know when they're meet-ready. 

  • Entry Rules
    • Swimmers are limited to swimming three individual events and one IM within a one week period (a week is defined as starting with the A Meet on Saturday and ending with the B Meet on the following Wednesday).
    • A Meet swimmers cannot re-swim their A Meet events in a B Meet. They can, however, swim their non-A Meet events in a B Meet (provided they abide by rule #1).
    • Swimmers must be legal in the stroke to sign up. If you don’t know whether yours swimmer is legal in a stroke, please talk with the coaches.

Entry Example: Ollie Otter swam freestyle and breaststroke at the A Meet on Saturday. Ollie may choose to swim either backstroke OR butterfly in the B Meet on Wednesday, but not both.

  • These meets give all swimmers a chance to compete and establish seeding times for A Meets.
  • There is no score.
  • Swimmers should remain in the team area during the meet.

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MCSL Meets

  • A Relay Carnival
    • Relay Carnival is one of the most fast-paced, fun meets of any swim season, involving every team in the division. 
    • Only relays are swum, and some involve swimmers from various age groups.
    • The 1st place relay team of each event at the A Relay Carnival is seeded for the All Star Relay meet. If a relay team qualifies via the A Relay Carnival to swim in All Star Relays, the relay team members who swam in the A Relay Carnival will swim that relay at All Star Relays.
    • This is a scored meet.
    • The coach will work to create a line-up to earn the team the most points.
    • It is important to declare your swimmer (available or not available) for this meet. The coach can only enter declared, available swimmers.
  • Division Championship / 'Divisionals'
    • The final championship meet of the regular swim season. 
    • All 6 teams in the division meet at one pool.
    • Each team enters two swimmers in each individual event, and one relay team for each relay.
    • The coach enters the swimmers based on the two fastest times achieved throughout the season.
  • All Stars
    • MCSL hosts the All Star meet the weekend after Divisionals.
    • The meet is held at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center.
    • All Star Relay (Saturday)
      • Entries are determined at each division relay carnival. Relay teams that take first place go on to the the All Star Relay meet.
    • Individual All Stars (Sunday)
      • Entries include the fastest 16 swimmers for each event from the entire MCSL.
      • All Star Times
        • The league lists “All Star Nominating Times”. If you swim faster than the nominating time, you have an All Star nominating time.
        • At the end of the season, the 16 fastest swimmers in each event are invited to swim in the Individual All Star Meet (there are also three alternates).
        • Swimmers who get a nominating time have the opportunity to order an All Star t-shirt.
  • Coaches Invitational Long Course
    • MCSL hosts this is a special meet for the eight fastest swimmers from the entire MCSL for each event. It is held mid-season.
    • The meet is held at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center.
    • All event lengths are doubled and swum in a 50 meter pool.
    • Swimmers and their families are encouraged to come watch this event, support any OMST swimmers, and see some of the very fastest swimmers in the county.
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